Monday, February 25, 2013

Not Time To Say Good-Bye!

Thanks to the Lord and my guardian angels working overtime on Friday, when my boot hit the strip of ice under the snow and my feet shot out from under me, the angels cushioned the blow the back of my head took when it hit the pavement of the parking lot, or it would have been lights out for me!

I'm not trying to be dramatic. You hear so often of people checking out just this way. Or should I be more direct? Dying. As it was, my brain bounced forward in my skull and hit the front of its protective covering, causing a Subdural hematoma, or brain bleed. These can be fatal too, but once again, the Lord saw fit to keep me on this earth and not call me home. For which I praise him LOUDLY! THANK YOU LORD!

Many people having made peace with their maker, are ready to go home to be with Him. I know I'm at peace, but I am NOT READY. I know there is much more to my life. Much more to be lived. Much more to be said and done and loved and given. Did my life flash before my eyes when I flew through the air? No, there wasn't time. All I remember is my feet leaving the earth, thinking OH NO! and my head hitting the pavement. I did not lose consciousness, so I remember every bit of pain and discomfort and thoughts of getting up again and how I might manage it.

Finally, I rolled over and got on one knee and got up. It wasn't so bad, I thought. I felt a bit woozy, but I was there. So I crept to my car which I had fallen right in front close, but yet so far. I sat down and contemplated my options. I must have been a bit confused, because I could not think what to do. I sat there with the door open and finally asked some sweet people nearby to help me. They went into a store and got me help, and security from the lot called an ambulance and soon I was in the hospital I go to getting a cat scan or MRI, finding out I had a bleed, a hematoma in the front of my skull and would be admitted for observation. The neurosurgeon who read the scan didn't think it was bad, nor did he think it would require surgery. I was scared. But my husband Mike was there and I remember thanking God a lot and saying or thinking "Whew!" a lot.

Neurologically I looked good they said! No finer compliment have I ever been paid! I was happy to go to my room and attempt to sleep, semi-sitting up to keep my head in the correct position and await another scan in the a.m. I slept pretty well. I didn't dream. I am so thankful for God's hand on me through it all for attentive nurses and great doctors and the people that helped me when it happened. I know what can happen when these things aren't treated and I thanked God for all the love in my life.

The next morning the scan showed the blood was dissipating and I would be going home later that day! Hurray! What wonderful words. The neurosurgeon said he would see me in a week for another scan and then we could say goodbye! Also good words.

I am thankful tonight for all this incident has taught me about my life and the love that is in it and the care of good people. Also the warning it is for anyone sustaining a head injury...PLEASE get help at once. Call 911. Even if you pulled yourself off the ice. It could be very serious and is often. Get to the hospital by ambulance, let those trained to do so care for your head, your brain, you.

And stay safe.

Walk safe.

Stay upright.

Don't fall.

But if you do, get help immediately.

Love you all! Libby


  1. I am so glad you are coming through this so well Libby.
    your advise is as always rock solid.
    I have to agree with the doctors, you are a neurological babe if I ever saw one. ;^)
    it is so comforting to know all three Jesus girls are still with us!
    I will sleep like a baby tonight ( wake up every two hours, cry, eat something,wet my pants and go back to sleep) ;^) just kidding about that.
    but I really do hold you three as dear friends in Jesus, so take care of yourselves.
    get those ice clips for your shoes! They are also handy if a creep confronts you in a parking lot.
    enjoy your new digs and I will talk to you later

    1. Thanks Tommy! I appreciate your prayers and support!

      Talk soon, dear friend and I will get some ice clips for my shoes as soon as I find some! Thanks! :)

  2. I'm SO glad you're ok Libby! This world just wouldn't be the same without you in it! Very scary reading what happened and I wish someone had been there right away! Continued healing! <3

  3. Thanks Mimi! I am so blessed that one week to the day from the injury I got a very good report from the neuro surgeon. My angel friends in the parking lot got there pretty quickly! Thanks for your love and concern though my dear friend. Glad you're coming for a visit soon. That will speed my healing ;)