Monday, June 15, 2015

My Dear Friend and Uncle, Rog Turns 100!

Rogenald J. Keller 100 Years Young on March 17, 2015, St. Patrick's Day!  

Confidence... thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligations, on faithful protection and on unselfish performance. Without them it cannot live.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt 

I've met few men as confident and full of integrity as Uncle Rog or RJ as they call him at the Veterans Home where he lives in the Northern part of Minnesota. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Twitterpated In The Spring

“Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime. [. . . ] You begin to get weak in the knees. Your head's in a whirl. And then you feel light as a feather, and before you know it, you're walking on air. And then you know what? You're knocked for a loop, and you completely lose your head!”
― Walt Disney Company

Spring is a very strange time! In Minnesota this year it has brought us snow and heat and rain. It has brought elation, crabbiness, joy and depression. We are enamored with the sunshine, depressed by the rain and at times we have thrown in the towel of despair that it will every come.

Perhaps winter will move right into summer and we will skip spring altogether we will say. And then comes a glorious spring day that turns the trees from snow to glorious green and we know that we will have a touch of springtime after all.

I'm not exactly sure what the true meaning of twitterpated is, but I know I have been so this spring. Anxious for sunshine. Restless about the darkness. Happy when daylight saving began again and despairing of too much rain. Snow in May, I almost could bear it.

But it is May 21st and June is almost here! The first day of summer is one month away, so yes we are having spring. It is raining, but sometimes the sun shines. It is green out, not brown or white. The birds can be heard chirping, the squirrels are playing in the trees, indeed spring is here.

It's time for new things. Old things. Old friends get together. All things are new again. New friendships. Time for new jobs. New attitudes. Time for new love. Old love deepened. Time for new experiences. Preparing for summer birthdays. New fitness programs for upcoming vacations. Wedding anniversaries. Weddings! Babies are born. Yes, the world is bursting with newness and we are twitterpated with it all.

Enjoy what is left of this short and crazy springtime. Enjoy your family, your friends, the Creator of it all. And get ready, summer is coming... :)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sweet Relief!

I love the message of this song with Amy Grant and James Taylor. That we don't have to try so hard. So many times, I really miss the boat on this one. I carry the world on my shoulders. Worrying about every detail of my life as I struggle to stay in control. How futile. So many things are outside of our control, yet we try to manage them anyway.

I have so many friends I pray for. They are living lives so much more difficult than mine. One has a daughter with special needs I do not even understand. She went to the hospital by ambulance last night, yet her mom was thanking God on Facebook today that she went last night and not today in the horrible snowstorm. This friend of mine is always grateful for something. Her wonderful daughter has the same triumphant spirit. She is about to graduate college. They are living lives filled with courage. They are always giving and thinking of others. Living with faith and humor. Writing and praying for our soldiers overseas. Extraordinary people. I admire their family so much.

I have another friend whose husband has cancer. She asked me to pray for her tonight. I am praying so hard. This is the first time she's asked in the many, many months of his illness. I know she is really going through it. Really having a hard time. Yet, she admires me. I wonder how I can help. I know prayer is the most and best thing I can do...and be there when she wants to talk.

Don't try so hard. This song struck home to me tonight. I know I try in my own strength much, much to often and don't turn my cares over to my Creator. I am doing so tonight. So I can help others. So I can forget about myself and my own concerns. My issues with worry about God's provision for our family. He always provides. The Bible says every hair on our head is numbered. He cares for us so deeply. Like the lilies of the field. He clothes them in splendor. He knows every sparrow's need for food. How much more does he know we have need for sustenance? Gas and groceries have gone up, yes, but not higher than the ability of our Mighty God to provide for us!

I think working on commission is a great way to trust the Creator for your daily bread! :) Having one's own business teaches you a lot about trusting and believing. It's a good exercise of faith. Struggling against the way the Lord provides is not good for the soul. Struggling against our circumstances generally isn't. Rolling with them works far better.

All of this came to mind as I began to write after listening to this song. I hope you get blessed and some peaceful feelings from it too. Sleep well dear friends. I know I will after this lullaby!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Father/Daughter Love

Mike and Abby

There is nothing quite like the love between a father and daughter. There is a bond so strong it will defeat anything. Mean hockey coaches. The crazy guy next door. Anybody to tries to hurt their daughter. And a daughter's love is just as ferocious. Nothing can hurt their father. Neither illness or slight, nor gain, nor a wisecrack or any kind of disrespect.

Ours was a very peaceful household. Mike grew up with parents who never shouted. And so we never did. Mine were divorced when I was young and always treated each other with a great deal of respect. My grandparents were loud and loving, but that is my only exposure to a noisy style of relating.

Abby grew up in peace. She liked it. If Mike and I even tried for an adult discussion in front of her, she would say, "Momma, Daddy-boy, please no fighting!" She didn't like to ever think we would be at odds with each other! And we rarely were. We were more likely trying to solve a problem we were having with the world at large. So we would settle it on our own, and not in front of her!

Abby was very proud when anyone said she looked like her daddy. You have your daddy's eyes they would say. Of course, she does. And his sense of humor and mild, easy going disposition, and computer-like memory.

She likes getting out and mixing with people as much as I, and is not quite the introvert her dad is. Although as she gets older I wonder...perhaps she is more of an introvert than I thought. Friendly and kind and loving like her dad. Funny and fun, but preferring small groups and one on one to the big bashes her mom likes!

They have always been so close, almost like they had a secret language. Sports. That's one. And animals. And texting. I can text, but to them it is an art form. They are two peas in a pod. She always called him Daddy-boy. He was her daddy and a boy. Her friend and the one she respected and wanted the respect of above all else and still does.

When she was a baby, Mike was so very good with her. They must have bonded strongly like baby chicks! I have an Easter picture somewhere that proves my point! She is wearing her Easter dress and hat and he is wearing my hat and his suit. They are smiling at each other and there is a deep recognition. He is holding her in his arms like he so often did at that age...father protector...daughter divine! So precious their love is and so unspoiled even now.

Abby and I are close, but she and her dad are something special, father and daughter...sports watchers...texters...dream history buffs...bookends...twins of the soul.

Love you both so much!