Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Moving Experience ;)


We are moving our household again. I say again, because it seems like we have been moving a lot lately. When Mike and I were first married we lived in the same house for 17 years in Northeast Minneapolis. It was an old house and we loved it. We loved living Northeast too. My daughter Abby grew up there. It was fun and carefree: a nice neighborhood in Minneapolis where you knew your neighbors and watched out for each other. But one day, after a dear next door neighbor died and her son finally sold her house. We got some new neighbors who weren't of the same persuasion as the rest.

I don't recommend moving because of difficulties with neighbors, but we had a circumstance where a crime, assault was committed against one of us and the neighbor was freed by the courts. It made our position as homeowners untenable and we fled to an nearby suburb called St. Louis Park. We loved it there, especially Abby who made many friends. We kept our good memories of life in Northeast Minneapolis. I still remember the house and the wonderful times we had, as I do all of the places we have lived since.

Life takes its twists and turns and we move on. We leave wonderful people behind sometimes and try to keep our relationships going. This time, we are moving back to a great apartment complex we have lived in before. It is under new management and is remodeled with new appliances, carpeting, and a 24/7 workout center! It is fresh and new and we will be in a different building. Yet, in many ways it feels like coming home, which is nice.

We hope we won't move again. We don't plan on it. We are travelling pretty light through life and are happy to do so. We have a nice place to hang our hat. We are happy to be together, to be well and to have such a great group of friends and family to share our life and faith with.

Mike and I are not nomadic creatures. We are homebodies. We like to hang out. We like to visit and chat and put up our feet at the end of the day, compare notes and just be. We like to run errands together on the weekend and entertain family and friends when we can. We like to have our little keepsakes around, Mike his collectibles and music, me my art and photographs. We treasure our lives, our Lord and this gift of life wherever it takes us. If it takes us home to our place we are very blessed. If it takes us home to be with Him, our Lord and Savior as it will one day in the Ultimate Move, that is also a blessing and extraordinary ~ anticipated with joy and not feared.

But I don't rush that day...I savor each moment of my precious life. I am young, not old, I feel I have many years ahead of me and so does Mike who is only one year older than I. Many years to serve and love and give to others from wherever we live and work. I know that wherever I move to that my Lord has gone before me and prepared a place for me. That He will be there with me and will protect and guide me.

I didn't mean for this blog to meander, but its so nice to reflect about life. When you go about your turns and twists you do not go alone! Love to all....and if anyone would like to help...the move is next weekend~ lol!


  1. We will be there with bells on, (What does that mean anyway?) It will be a great time with Jesus ahead, Behind & all around! Love you Lovely!

    1. Mare, don't know how I could make this move with out you and John! You're enthusiasm and love is carrying us! I don't know what bells on means except that you come with a lot of joy girl, the joy of the Lord and it shows! Love you! and your wonderful hubby! :)

  2. It sounds like a wonderful place to move back to! I hope you and Mike enjoy your revamped place!

    1. We're very excited Mimi! We have a private wooded view, so not only is it modernized the view is rustic! Thanks so much for the good wishes! I hope you are liking life in the East. Love you girl!