Thursday, November 29, 2012

So Happy For My Friend!

For nearly three years I have been praying for my dearest friend Heather Siebens to be delivered, healed, fixed by doctors, whatever God had in mind -- to get her out of the terrible all-over-muscle-body pain she was in. It was unbearable! Many others prayed. Her loving husband Christian cared for her, however he has to travel on business. Others would pitch in. Her daughter Tory, her brother Troy, Mary (below) family and friends. Sometimes, lots of times she went it alone. With her kiddo, as she calls Tory, and her strong faith.

She lived in Phoenix, Philadelphia and now again in Phoenix during this time. The longest stay was in Philly where the cold weather really made the pain more intense, if possible. Twice she came to visit me in Minnesota and our wonderful friend Mary -- who also suffers with chronic illness and is a woman of great faith in Jesus. But, that is the subject of another blog. We had a great time together despite pain and illness. We love the Lord and each other intensely!

I am so happy for Heather. Her long ordeal is ended. She is the bravest, most loving, filled with love of Jesus blessing to so many ~ and now the prayers have been answered!

This blog is re-posted by permission:

Blessed Beyond by Heather Siebens

Read and be blessed!

Love to all! Libby


  1. I rejoice in this prayer answered, let our thanks rise up to God a sweet smelling savor to his nostrils. Libby you are such a true friend, I believe God has rewarded your faithfulness.

    1. Bless you heart Tommy. Yes the prayers of the faithful, many of them and the faithfulness of our loving heavenly Father are at work here! What a wonderful testimony to His boundless love for His children! God bless you dear friend!