Sunday, October 14, 2012

Absolutely Ridiculous or Boring?

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." Marilyn Monroe MARILYN

Marilyn Monroe is not usually remembered as a super bright woman, and sadly so. I think she was. If you read her words and realized what she accomplished in her life, you'll agree. Sure, she lacked self esteem and maybe she didn't really know herself so became the victim, but she was bright. I like this quote, like many of hers it has a twist. I would rather be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring! That has always been my motto. :)

Today I spent the greater part of the day with my husband studying the physics of the slope in the side of my bed where I exit. Because twice now it recent memory I have slid out, while getting out! Now isn't THAT ridiculous?!! LOL

As it happens, it was a sleep number bed we had inherited from one of my siblings. It has helped my husbands bad back immensely. Me, not so much. I just haven't taken to it. I have the odd propensity of being able to take naps on my husband's side, however. Well today after my 2nd Slide to the floor, we decide to do a mini-autopsy of the bed. Turns out, hubby's side edge was flush and strong. Mine was broken down and a slippery slope! After pondering for a while. My dear husband methodically took the entire bed apart and put HIS SIDE on MY SIDE! YIPPEE!!! A miracle in marriage had been performed! I had HIS SIDE of the bed. And we didn't even have to move :)!

Have a beautiful night friends. Sleep tight and very restfully. Stay squarely IN your beds where you belong and don't be boring but don't be so ridiculous that you hurt yourself!!!

P.S. -- I'm okay :)

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  1. You're too funny, Libby! I'm so glad your hubs was willing to switch it around. Why didn't you just switch sides instead of taking the entire bed apart? lol

  2. Get a 60 year old darling of a man, but a man to switch his side of the bed. It was never discussed! That is the subject of another post dear Mimi! Hoooot! You are so funny! I love you! :) Read on! :) hehehe