Monday, March 11, 2013

My Daughter is a Source of JOY!

Look at this kid! Isn't she incredible?!! I guess we could all put up pictures of one of our kids and say how great they are!

But really, what a face.

This is my daughter, Abby, 30, kickin' back in the locker room during a very long Hockey Tournament this past weekend in Duluth, MN where she played goalied for about 5 games!

Did they win the tournament, no...was she extraordinary? Yes! She and her teammates ran the tourney. She is the backup goalie. She usually skates out. She was born to play goalie, so makes no excuses, just plays her heart out and does very well.

But she does have new goalie pads that are hard to break in when you don't play every game! That's the momma making an excuse. I wish I'd been there. If I weren't in the throws of a recent fall that gave me a brain injury, you can be sure I would've been.

I love to watch Abby play in the net. She is fast. She is determined. She is focused like no other time in her life. She plays for WHAM, Women's Hockey Association of Minnesota, where a lot of former college players play.

She is awesome, but not just at hockey. She is a wonderful human being. With a sweet and generous spirit. A lot of love for her friends and family. A true joy to being around.

I miss her way up there in Duluth. It's only a three hour drive, but I just don't see her a day. What would be enough? Oh, I don't know...every day! She is one of my all time favorite people. If you knew her she would be yours too. She is a Geek Squader at Best Buy and going to college at Lake Superior College for Computer Networking.

She is a terrific person. I guess that's Abby. Her basic stats. Her personhood, you have to meet to believe. My husband and I named her Abigail, her father's joy or originator of joy in the Hebrew.

We were right.


  1. That is so beautiful Libby! What a sweet gift to your daughter to have shared her with all of us! You're such a proud mom and it sounds like you have reason to be! You're both blessed!

    1. I do have reason to be proud, but mostly I stand in awe of the person God created Abby to be. She's much more than I would ever have expected, more loving, sweeter, more everything! And a dear daughter and friend to me. Thanks for reading and sharing this with me Mimi! Love you! I am blessed, you are so right about that!